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Mechanical Maintenance

Prevent unexpected breakdowns with mechanical maintenance.

Mechanical maintenance involves keeping machines operating at peak efficiency at all times. This prevents major repairs and downtimes, while also increasing the efficiency of the operation. Mechanical maintenance technicians service equipment prior to a breakdown or failure occurring and swiftly return systems to full operation when a breakdown or failure does occur. Most mechanical maintenance plans include performing inspections, lubricating machines, cleaning coils, changing filters, and periodically repairing worn parts.

Mechanical Maintenance

Cullum is a provider of cost-effective, service-oriented mechanical maintenance solutions, providing excellent service to its clients since 1972. The focus of Cullum’s operation is on creating relationships with the customer to build trust and establish a partnership that benefits the customer on a long-term basis.

Part of Cullum’s mechanical maintenance services includes creating completely custom maintenance plans for HVAC equipment and other building systems. Cullum will perform a full assessment of the building’s current systems and make recommendations for maintenance moving forward.

Cullum reduces hassle and inconvenience by making regular maintenance appointments a routine part of building upkeep, arriving on time, and always providing excellent service. If repairs or adjustments are needed, Cullum’s technicians will alert the building owner to the situation in a timely manner.

Regular mechanical maintenance is key to preventing disruptive equipment failures and unexpected downtime. For more information about what mechanical maintenance services Cullum provides and the company’s capabilities, contact the company today.

Cullum provides mechanical maintenance services throughout South Carolina, including Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, North Charleston, Lexington, and Simpsonville.