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HVAC Repair

Cullum’s team of professionals make HVAC repair calls a priority.

A malfunctioning HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system is a hindrance to productivity and profits. When HVAC repair becomes an imminent need, the technicians and professionals at Cullum are ready and waiting to assess the problem, implement actionable solutions, and recommend preventive maintenance strategies for minimizing repair issues in the future. All of this occurs with the end goal of increasing equipment life and enhancing building energy efficiency.

HVAC Contractor

Every HVAC system is different, and every client’s site uses different equipment. Cullum’s certified, trained technicians can work on any type of HVAC equipment, not just with one independent brand. Cullum has also worked diligently since 1972 to build lasting relationships with suppliers to obtain repair parts quickly. This minimizes downtime and ensures systems get up and running once more as soon as possible, reducing the expense associated with a downed HVAC system.

Cullum’s HVAC repair capabilities extend to RTUs, split systems, chilled water systems, heat pumps, industrial ventilation systems, exhaust fans, thermal storage systems, and cooling systems. If HVAC repair becomes an ongoing need due to aging parts and systems, Cullum can make recommendations for retrofit or full replacement, depending on capital constraints and project timelines. Cullum’s processes ensure the best possible outcome for building and facility owners, as well as the equipment occupants rely on day in and day out.

Efficient, effective, and reliable HVAC repair services await when partnering with the experienced professionals at Cullum. Schedule a service appointment or find out more about the team’s capabilities by contacting Cullum today.