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Cullum Expedites HVAC Unit Replacement

Cullum Expedites HVAC Unit Replacement at Amick Farms

Amick Farms- Batesburg-Leesville, SC

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HVAC replacement
Columbia CSI office
Columbia – Amick Farms is a provider of fresh and frozen poultry products for foodservice, industrial, and retail customers. They are headquartered in Batesburg-Leesville, SC and also have facilities in Maryland and Delaware. They are a longtime customer of the Columbia branch and consistently rely on Cullum Services, Inc. to meet their HVAC comfort and process refrigeration needs. Like so many customers this time of year, Amick Farms approached Cullum Services, Inc. with an urgent request to replace a packaged air conditioner, in this case a 20-ton machine serving the cafeteria and break area. Unfortunately, the timeframe for this work was only a couple of weeks, and the equipment alone typically has an eight-week lead time. The Columbia branch explored all options and found a Daikin Maverick unit available with a one-week quick ship, much to the relief of the customer. The Columbia crew set the unit and had it cooling the space in one day. Ductwork issues were corrected in the following days. Another happy customer was spared the South Carolina heat!