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Cooling For DHEC

Columbia Branch Provides Emergency Cooling For DHEC

DHEC – Columbia, SC

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Emergency chiller unit installed
Columbia CSI office
The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control has laboratories throughout the state, and the Hayne Building in northeast Columbia is one such facility. The labs are used to examine numerous infectious diseases in humans and animals. As such, the building is ventilated by 100% outside air at all times. When one of the 500-ton chillers serving the building recently failed, Cullum Services was called in to provide and connect an emergency rental chiller to sustain the load until the permanent chiller could be repaired. CSI teamed with Blanchard Power Systems to have a chiller onsite the next day. Our Cullum Columbia crew had the machine fully piped, powered, and operational the next day, much to the relief of DHEC.