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Chiller Replacement in Lexington County

Lexington County Administration Building – Lexington, SC

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Chiller Replacement
Columbia CSI office
Columbia Branch Completes Chiller Replacement at Lexington County Administration Building. – Since the Columbia CSI branch resides in Lexington County and is located only a few miles from many of the municipal buildings, competing for their business and maintaining a quality relationship are essential to our company’s long term success. As such, the Columbia team jumped at the opportunity to bid a chiller replacement on top of the County’s six-story administration building. Despite a last minute scheduling curveball by the crane company, the CSI team arrived early one chilly December Saturday, polished off some coffee and biscuits, and successfully installed the new Trane chiller. Piping, electrical, and startup work were completed the following week, thanks to Eben Thomas, David Kirby, Kenneth Frick, Eddie Rowe, Chris Furstenburg, George Jones, Dallas Rowe, and Harry Horne. Before the project was even finished, the customer expressed such satisfaction with the work that he awarded CSI a change order to replace a pump and provide chemical treatment for the building’s chilled water system.