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HVAC Retrofitting, Charleston, SC

Consider HVAC retrofitting before a full system replacement.

HVAC Retrofitting in Charleston, South CarolinaThroughout the lifespan of a commercial or industrial HVAC system, it is normal for the system to malfunction and require increasingly frequent repairs as the system ages. Although building owners often assume that this means it is time to put in a new, updated system, this is not the only option. If a new system is not within the financial reach of an organization, HVAC retrofitting can be a beneficial, cost-effective alternative.

During the HVAC retrofitting process, an existing heating or cooling system is upgraded with updated, newer components. This helps with energy efficiency in addition to extending the life of the system. Most HVAC retrofitting projects result in a few extra years added to the system’s lifespan, which gives the company time to devote capital to a new system in the near future.

HVAC retrofitting options depend on the type of HVAC system in place and the unique features of the commercial or industrial building. The HVAC professionals at Cullum can identify and explain all options before determining the best possible retrofitting solutions for the equipment at hand. Cullum’s professionals will also determine whether retrofitting is the best possible option or if, for a similar capital investment, other solutions can achieve similar results.

Achieve superior HVAC retrofitting results for a building in Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas by relying on Cullum’s experience. Contact the company today to learn more about the retrofitting process and to discuss the details of a proposed retrofitting project.

 Cullum provides HVAC retrofitting services throughout South Carolina, including Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, North Charleston, Lexington, and Simpsonville.