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HVAC Repair, Charleston, SC

HVAC repair becomes a priority when partnering with Cullum.

An HVAC system that is unreliable or unusable hinders productivity and profits in any commercial or industrial setting. Cullum’s technicians and experienced project managers are ready and waiting to help when HVAC repair becomes a pressing need. Cullum’s team accurately assesses problems, implements actionable solutions, and recommends effective strategies for preventive maintenance that enhance efficiency and most importantly, minimize ongoing and future repair issues. The overarching goal of this process is to optimize equipment life and enhance the energy efficiency of the building.

HVAC Repair in Charleston, South Carolina

The trained, certified technicians at Cullum realize every HVAC system is different and every building in Charleston, South Carolina requires different equipment. Cullum can perform HVAC repair on nearly any brand. and their team has worked hard since 1972 to develop lasting relationships with suppliers to gain access to necessary repair parts quickly. As a result, downtime is minimized and systems are restored to operable condition within limited timeframes, reducing expense and discomfort.

Cullum’s team can perform HVAC repair on split systems, heat pumps, exhaust fans, evaporative cooling systems, RTUs, and more. In addition, if HVAC repair becomes an ongoing need, Cullum can recommend solutions for replacement or retrofit, depending on the project timeline and capital constraints. This ensures the best outcome for the facility owners and anyone who occupies the building day in and day out.

Partnering with Cullum gives any organization access to efficient, effective, and information-based HVAC repair services. Contact Cullum today to set up a service appointment or to find out about the team’s impressive capabilities.

FAQs About Cullum’s HVAC Repair Services

If you are a facilities manager, property manager or business owner, it is most likely that an HVAC repair need will arise at some point. When that occurs, Cullum is here to help you fix your system and restore productivity to your operations. Below, Cullum has answered some questions about its HVAC repair services.

What kind of HVAC repair services does Cullum provide?

Cullum provides HVAC repair services on all major brands for the commercial or industrial industries. Call Cullum about the type of repair needed or the issue with the system. They will send an experienced technician to your site to diagnose the HVAC system and provide you with additional information and solutions to get the systems up and running.

How long has Cullum been in business?
Cullum has been serving commercial and industrial clients throughout South Carolina since 1972. Since then, the company has established a reputation for service excellence.
Does Cullum offer preventive maintenance services?

Yes! Cullum offers a comprehensive preventive maintenance program designed to prevent major HVAC repairs and help building owners save money on extensive HVAC repairs.

How does Cullum minimize downtime?
Cullum responds quickly to requests for HVAC repair help. The company also deploys certified, highly trained HVAC technicians to provide repair solutions.
How can I set up an appointment?
If your HVAC system suddenly requires HVAC repair services, help from Cullum can be obtained by making a phone call. Contact Cullum directly if you need HVAC repair services or want to learn more about the repair solutions the company offers.

Cullum provides HVAC repair services throughout South Carolina, including Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, North Charleston, Lexington, and Simpsonville.