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Electrical Services, Charleston, SC

Ensure the proper upkeep of a building’s electrical systems.

Electrical Services in Charleston, South CarolinaEvery building today, both commercial and industrial, requires a working electrical system. With electricity, buildings run their equipment, keep the HVAC system running, use lights to illuminate operations, and much, much more. Without a functioning electrical system, commercial and industrial operations will struggle to continue functioning, minimize downtime, and reduce profit loss.

Cullum provides a variety of targeted electrical services to commercial and industrial sites throughout Charleston, South Carolina and the surrounding areas. The focus is always on improving building functionality with customized solutions and ensuring an end-result that solves ongoing issues and improves efficiency.

The main electrical services Cullum offers include electrical wiring, electrical replacement, and electrical repair. Cullum can assist with annual maintenance checks or electrical repairs. In either situation, the company will provide exceptional service while relying on years of experience working on commercial and industrial electrical systems.

Since 1972, Cullum has created a reputation for being a reliable, customer-oriented provider of electrical and other mechanical services. Choose the company for all electrical projects and benefit from its expertise, experience, and knowledge of complex electrical systems used in today’s modern buildings.

Electrical services from Cullum are backed by the dedication, commitment, and expertise every building owner requires from their electrical contractor. For more information about the electrical services Cullum offers or to schedule a service appointment, contact the company today.

Cullum provides electrical services throughout South Carolina, including Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, North Charleston, Lexington, and Simpsonville.