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Commercial Mechanical Contractor

Cullum’s expertise as a commercial mechanical contractor is unparalleled.

A commercial mechanical contractor oversees any mechanical projects necessary to maintain the efficiency, comfort, and functionality of a building. Mechanical contractors are responsible for piping, plumbing, refrigeration, and heating and cooling systems in a building. The role of a commercial mechanical contractor is also highly varied – while some may manage ongoing maintenance during a building’s lifecycle, others may manage a project during installation and production.

Commercial Mechanical Contractor

As a commercial mechanical contractor, Cullum brings specialized skills to any construction project, no matter its scope or complexity. Cullum’s experienced team members can provide advice, guidance, and expertise on the maintenance, design, or construction of a building, taking charge of the plumbing and HVAC systems to fully understand how they interconnect.

Cullum’s capabilities including managing construction projects as a commercial mechanical contractor. Capabilities include:

  • Ensuring all mechanical elements of the building get installed correctly, on time, and within budget
  • Maintaining oversight of any additional subcontractors needed for insulation, controls, or testing
  • Monitoring resources while overseeing the scope of all construction and maintenance

Cullum provides mechanical maintenance and service beyond startup and commission to build trusted relationships and ensure the performance of the equipment. Ultimately, Cullum ensures the best possible results for operational productivity, efficiency, and comfort as a commercial mechanical contractor.

Since 1972, Cullum still remains a trusted mechanical contractor possessing unparalleled expertise. Contact the company today to learn more or to schedule a consultation.

Cullum’s commercial mechanical contractors are proud to serve clients throughout South Carolina, including Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, North Charleston, Lexington, and Simpsonville.