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Journeyman Jobs

Become a journeyman at a reputable company.

As a journeyman, you are regularly looking for work and projects that will allow you to refine your expertise and provide quality workmanship. Whether you are a welder, plumber, or construction professional of another type, you know there are plenty of journeyman jobs open in your field. But with your level of expertise, you are picky about which projects and positions you take on.

Journeyman Jobs

Whether you have years of experience as a journeyman or recently became qualified to practice your craft, Cullum is a company you want to work for. Since 1972, Cullum has completed a wide range of major construction and mechanical projects for clients throughout the Southeast. Today, the company is known for its high-quality workmanship, efficient turnaround times, exceptional project managers, and excellent project outcomes.

Cullum regularly posts journeyman jobs in its search for the best tradesmen in every field. The company realizes that it wouldn’t be where it is today without its employees and values the work and expertise of the journeymen it hires. Apply for one of Cullum’s open journeyman jobs, and if given the position, you can expect a competitive salary, opportunities for advancement, and a steady stream of work to help you advance your skills.

Review the journeymen jobs posted on Cullum’s website and apply for any open position that strikes your interest. And if you have questions about the application process or requirements, reach out to the representatives at Cullum directly.

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