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HVAC Contractor, Greenville, SC

Call on an HVAC contractor you can trust for maintenance, repair, and installation.

Today, no building can be occupied, especially in the Southeast, without a fully functional HVAC system. Property managers and owners rely on a team of professional HVAC contractors with dedicated knowledge on the operation and repair of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Cullum is best in class among top-performing contractors with a large group of highly skilled HVAC technicians to service industrial and commercial buildings.

HVAC Contractor in Greenville, South Carolina

Cullum believes that being faced with  unexpected HVAC downtime is every property manager’s worst fear, requiring the prompt response of a skilled HVAC contractor. Cullum will dispatch an HVAC technician to your designated site in Greenville, South Carolina right away, assessing the situation completely upon arrival and performing any authorized repairs immediately or preparing a work repair report for authorization as requested. Since 1972, Cullum has worked hard to develop relationships with suppliers and manufacturers of HVAC equipment, so repair, maintenance, and installation are as cost-effective as possible for the client.

What sets apart an industrial and commercial HVAC contractor from the everyday residential HVAC contractor are the certifications, training, and system capability of their HVAC technicians. Cullum invests a lot of training and resources to develop a team with the experience and capacity to work on any HVAC system–not just one specific manufacturer or model. Cullum also maintains a comprehensive preventative maintenance program for its clients designed to avert HVAC breakdowns and untimely failures. The goals of this program are to prevent equipment failure before it occurs, reduce HVAC energy costs, maximize system life, enhance system reliability, replace worn-out components, and improve and make predictive recommendations to prevent unexpected downtime.

As an industrial and commercial HVAC contractor, Cullum works on split systems, RTUs, chilled water systems, heat pumps, industrial ventilation systems, thermal storage systems, exhaust fans, evaporative cooling systems, and more. Contact Cullum today for more information about its HVAC expertise and how its team helps businesses make the most of HVAC equipment at the lowest cost.

Cullum’s HVAC contractors proudly serve clients throughout South Carolina, including Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, North Charleston, Lexington, and Simpsonville.