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Maximize heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system life, prevent equipment failure before it occurs, enhance the reliability of equipment components, replace worn parts before failure, and prevent downtime with predictive recommendations – all these actions and benefits are made possible with proactive HVAC preventive maintenance. Summer may be winding down, but warm temperatures are here for a while longer. It is never too late to start on an HVAC preventive maintenance plan to better care for a commercial or industrial HVAC system.

Warm Temperatures are Still Here! Start on an HVAC Preventive Maintenance Program Today

Cullum’s comprehensive HVAC preventive maintenance programs are carefully designed to inspect and assess every aspect of an HVAC system, including the exterior of the system, the wiring, the compressor, the fan/blower, the dehumidifier/heater, the fan/blower, the coils, and the filters, as well as greasing moving components and adjusting set points as necessary. On top of this full-service approach, advantages specific to activating an HVAC preventive maintenance program at any time through Cullum include the following:

  • Consistent access to highly qualified technicians and industry-leading technology
  • Rapid response times and convenient, flexible scheduling
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Customizable maintenance solutions catered to every unique HVAC setup

Lower utility costs, reduced system downtime, enhanced comfort and productivity for occupants, and prolonged equipment life are priorities for facility and business owners everywhere. As businesses will soon be switching over to heating within the next few months, now is a critical time to have HVAC preventive maintenance performed to ensure these critical systems remain fully operational and functional for the remaining season and for unexpected warm spells that require reliance on air conditioning. Contact Cullum’s experienced professionals today to create and initiate a personalized HVAC preventive maintenance plan.