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A commercial HVAC system that services a multi-site business or building is one of the most complicated, expensive systems of all other mechanical systems. Not only is the initial investment high, but it also costs to have an HVAC contractor maintain and repair the system per manufacturer guidelines.

Tips from an HVAC Contractor: What to Consider Before Investing in a New HVAC System

When the time arrives for facility managers and building owners to consider the replacement of existing equipment, there are two primary factors that should be considered with the guidance of an HVAC contractor: operational efficiency and budget.

Operational Efficiency

A commercial HVAC system can contribute to up to 40% of a building’s total annual energy bill. The operating efficiency of a new unit is incredibly important considering how much money is spent on one of these systems throughout the year.

Building owners should carefully consider the EER or SEER rating of the new cooling equipment. The higher these ratings, the better the efficiency of these systems.

Overall Price

A new commercial HVAC system should be viewed not as a commodity, but as an investment. And because of this, price should not be the main driving factor.

When comparing quotes, make sure each HVAC contractor quotes based on the same efficiency and capacity levels. Warranties for the actual equipment and the workmanship as well as how long the installation will take and what kind of disruption to operations will occur should also be considered.

Overall, the most critical decision to make related to a new HVAC installation is the mechanical contractor to work with. With the right contractor, selecting new equipment for a building will be a less stressful experience.