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Construction Safety Week is a week-long event that happens annually. The construction industry, its clients, and business partners take this opportunity to recommit to sending every worker home safe each day. This year’s #ConstructionSafetyWeek is May 2-6, 2022, and Cullum wants to highlight the importance of this week and some of the steps it is taking to make construction safety a priority.

This Week is Construction Safety Week: We’re Stronger & Safer Together

Most companies today already have safety rules and protocols in effect designed to protect workers on the job. However, it is not enough to simply implement these rules. Every worker, team, and company must commit to staying connected, supporting each other, and making safer choices at work. This is what will lead to safer job sites, reduced accidents, and protected workers.

Construction Safety Week is meant to normalize the discussion around construction safety and give organizations an opportunity to assess their safety plans and what they are doing to maintain the safety of their jobsites. Throughout the country, many organizations are sponsoring events on safety-related topics and bringing the issue of construction worker safety to the forefront of company conversations.

Continually improving safety protocols and preventing accidents are always top priorities for Cullum. During every project, Cullum contributes to a safer construction site by assigning specific safety staff to the job. This ensures the site remains secure and safe while enhancing productivity and protecting worker health. These professionals receive regular trainings about safety practices and techniques and are always looking for opportunities to apply this information on worksites.

“Safety is the number-one priority on any jobsite at Cullum, and it’s not because we have to comply with regulations. While that is true, the motivating factor is getting EVERYONE home for dinner with their loved ones every day. Safety is the most important thing; everything else comes second.” -Mendi Arnold, HR Director

Cullum is known for its commitment to safety and contributing to the ongoing conversation of protecting workers on construction sites. To learn more, contact Cullum Today.