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Shem Creek Office Building & Parking Garage Underway

Many of you may have seen the headlines surrounding the new four-story office building overlooking Shem Creek and Coleman Boulevard, but did you know Cullum is the mechanical contractor for the project?  Shem Creek runs through the center of Mount Pleasant and is known for its waterfront dining.  This 42,000  square foot Class A office building includes two stories of office space and two stories of structured parking.  David Burbage and his team are installing sanitary waste and storm piping, domestic water, roof top units and associated ductwork.  The building encompasses the entire site and forced David’s team to carry the majority of the material by hand throughout construction.  Thanks to the hard work and strong backs of Mike Shirley, Joey Godbold, Doug Williams, Frank Lewis and David Burbage, Cullum is ahead of schedule.  Nice work guys!