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HVAC maintenance is one of the most critical components of building maintenance. Setting up a suitable HVAC services and maintenance plan should be a priority for building owners and facility managers, and the four factors below can provide guidance while developing an effective maintenance schedule.

HVAC Services: 4 Tips for Creating an Effective HVAC Maintenance Program

  1. Analyze Past System Performance – An HVAC services maintenance plan is most effective when managing an efficient system. Address any issues with temperature variance, poor ductwork design, poor overall performance, and high humidity before attempting to maintain current performance levels.
  2. Assess Occupancy Levels and Usage Patterns – In commercial buildings, some offices may have higher occupancy levels than in others, while in other buildings, the HVAC system runs 24/7. Quality HVAC maintenance plans should provide more inspections in buildings with higher occupancy levels and usage patterns. This can help identify underlying issues in advance and prevent emergencies that result in lost production time and revenue.
  3. Identify Existing Operational Issues – A successful HVAC maintenance plan should address underlying problems and identify when to fix them to preserve functionality and efficiency. For instance, a building with a dusty environment that experiences HVAC failure due to clogged filters and dirty coils should institute a schedule that involves cleaning the coils and replacing the filters more often.
  4. Look at Current Energy Consumption – An HVAC system that is inefficient can drastically impact energy consumption. A system that is not properly maintained can waste energy due to system clogs, air leaks due to a lack of HVAC insultation, and short cycling due to a faulty compressor unit.