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Commercial HVAC Replacement (160 tons) | Bonaventure 1 is a Class A office building of over 58,000 square feet and was constructed in 1983. The Greenville division of Cullum Services, Inc. has been providing maintenance for several years. In September 2021, Cullum Services was contracted to replace an 40-ton Lennox rooftop unit (RTU) at the property. After the completion of that project, the property manager approached Cullum to upgrade the energy management system to automate and enhance the HVAC operations. In 2022, NAI again chose Cullum to replace the remaining three 40-ton Lennox rooftop air conditioners. After an extended supply chain backlog, the Lennox factory delivered the units in June 2023.

HVAC Installation Greenville SC

At that point, the CSI team shifted into high gear, coordinated with Campbell Crane, and scheduled the Greenville crew for a weekend installation. By the end of the 1st day, all units were up and running with a few loose ends and control tie-ins to be completed the next day. The tenants returned on Monday morning, oblivious to the well-orchestrated operation that occurred to provide the new HVAC units and a cool office. #greatjob #teamcullum

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Additionally, hire an HVAC contractor to provide a routine HVAC maintenance checkup at your building. Contact Cullum to make this appointment and to find out more about the company’s related HVAC services for commercial buildings.