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Earlier this summer, Cullum Services, Inc. was called upon to replace the 20-year-old Trane rooftop heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units at 900 Island Park Drive on Daniel Island. With temperatures in the 90s, the current units were no longer able to cool the facility. Cabinets were rusted through and condenser coils flaked rusty dandruff onto the roof. New HVAC equipment from Trane was ordered, but a two-month lead time invoked panic as temperatures continued to rise. Scott Ryan creatively rigged water hoses and sprinklers to help relieve condenser pressure and keep the HVAC units (mostly) limping along until the new ones arrived. On a rainy August day, the units were finally set in place and commissioned into service. Ductwork was attached to the old units, and Cullum’s team quickly fabricated transitions. Progress was slow going, as periodic downpours decreased efficiency and prolonged misery on the roof. At the end of the weekend, as always, obstacles were overcome, the job was completed, customers were happy, and rain-soaked uniforms were tossed in the clothes dryer for an extra cycle.

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