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Providing process piping solutions for commercial and industrial facilities requires a specialized knowledge of equipment and structural support systems. Cullum’s team of skilled craftsmen provides ongoing quality assurance, producing piping for any project scope onsite in their 18,000-sq-ft South Carolina facility dedicated to custom fabrication services. This in-house fabrication solution guarantees quality assurance while minimizing costs for clients by managing the production process from start to finish.


Access to this specialized support and custom solutions is what has made Cullum a market leader, combining dedication to customer service with a deep understanding and expertise in process piping. Businesses receive real value (cost savings, end-to-end support, quality assurance) in the streamlined production cycle.

Dedicated to exemplary customer service and support, Cullum functions as a business partner, providing planning, monitoring, and production for a timely and profitable outcome. In-house production for process piping demands a level of excellence and quality assurance possible through their designation as top design-build company.

In addition to mitigating the logistical concerns around the final, shipped product, Cullum provides a single source of truth, thus eliminating the risk associated with maintaining accuracy with each additional party involved. All elements of the fabrication process – engineering, documentation, and execution – are maintained by Cullum’s experienced design and development team to ensure a seamless experience.

With built-in contingencies, Cullum’s fabrication solution is defined by their commitment to providing a superior level of quality assurance and a high standard of precision with every project.