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Regular heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system maintenance at the start of every new season ensures optimal equipment efficiency, extends equipment lifespan, and minimizes the risk of unexpected repairs. As spring transpires and summer looms on the horizon, the following maintenance tasks can help your building remain cool, comfortable, and safe as the temperature begins to rise.

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1.  Change the air filters—The air filters throughout your building should be replaced regularly to keep airborne contaminants out of your air and encourage unrestricted airflow throughout your spaces. At this time, the indoor coil should also be cleared of any dust and debris buildup.

2.  Clean the condenser and indoor mechanisms—Sticks, leaves, grass, and other debris naturally gather at the base of most commercial HVAC units during the winter. This debris should be removed, and any indoor blower fans, control panels, and evaporator coils should be carefully cleaned.

3.  Identify low refrigerant levels—No matter its size or cooling power, every HVAC system requires a certain amount of refrigerant to effectively trap and release heat. Regular maintenance on your building’s HVAC system should involve checking your system’s refrigerant levels and identifying and repairing leaks if they exist.

4.  Examine the wiring and drain lines—Your system’s drain lines should be inspected for mineral deposits, mold, and other blockages that could keep moisture from freely flowing. All system wiring should also be checked for burnt wires and loose connections and then properly repaired.

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