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Cullum’s mechanical construction expertise and experience make this organization the preferred provider of large-scale construction work for locations and organizations throughout the Southeast. Late last year, Cullum Constructors began construction on a new 75,000-square-foot surgery center for Southeastern Spine Institute.

Overseeing the project as the general contractor is MB Kahn, and it is projected that the surgery center will be complete in December 2019. Cullum’s team has been putting in four 10-hour days every week to move the $ 3.6 million project forward.

This three-story medical facility features a core and shell with two chillers, four AHUs, multiple fans, underground plumbing, storm drains, and medical gas systems. At the conclusion of the mechanical construction process, the surgery center will house an ambulatory surgery center, imaging, clinical trials, physical therapy, medical records, and offices for a call center, finance department, and administrative staff.

While a project of this size and scope always presents unforeseen challenges with weather and change orders, Cullum’s crew continues to maintain a projected timeline that allows for timely completion. For further information about this project or Cullum’s mechanical construction expertise, contact the company today.