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Cullum crews are no stranger to federal projects at Joint Base Charleston (JBC). From the Air Base to SPAWAR and the Naval Weapons Station to the Nuclear Power Training Unit, Cullum continues to complete complex military projects that require security clearance for access to jobsites. Just short of $20 million in construction projects have been completed at Joint Base Charleston by Cullum Constructors, Inc. team members over the last several years. Team members completed an HVAC repair to Buildings 2407 and 2408 on the Naval Weapons Station. The $1.5 million mechanical renovation included a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) replacement in roof attic space. Two seasoned Superintendents have combined forces and continue to make progress at the JBC Visiting Quarters. This more than $8 million mechanical scope includes all HVAC and plumbing for what is essentially a large hotel on the Air Base. Crews are just over 80% complete with a renovation at SPAWAR.  This approximately $800,000 renovation calls for the demolition and replacement of hoods, exhaust duct, and bathroom fixtures as well as the addition of a mechanical room with boilers and pumps. Cullum is also kicking off a particularly challenging project that includes pipe replacement under a pier. Cullum craft professionals will have to work from a barge and work around the tides. Better have those sea legs! While each project has its unique challenges and rewards they are all important to the development of our community. Thank you to all the Cullum members that are building our futures every day.