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“Success of any company depends on the success of the individuals in it.”

Photo: Aaron Suggs, Danny Russell and James “Jimbo” Evans receiving the Dale Carnegie class participation award.

One of the most important lessons a company can learn is that the customer needs to come first. Cullum Services, Inc. incorporates employee-training programs that help obtain this goal and maintain clear expectations throughout the company. Cullum Services, Inc. is currently going through the Dale Carnegie “World Class Customer Service” training program taught by Jim Geffert. It is a six-week course and is being taught in the Charleston office. Columbia and Greenville offices will begin the training next month.

The Dale Carnegie program is consistent with Cullum Services, Inc.’s values; being client focused by providing extraordinary services and better solutions every time. The ongoing training programs help to maintain the attitudes and skills needed to deliver this type of service to our clients. It provides a better understanding on how to work with clients and the team to achieve desired, agreed upon goals.

For more information on Dale Carnegie, please see their website www.dalecarnegie.com For more information on Cullum Services, Inc., please visit our website culluminc.com