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Cullum’s impressive mechanical engineering and construction capabilities frequently make the company a top choice for major chiller and HVAC repairs and work throughout the Southeast. Cullum routinely works with owners and engineers to find solutions to difficult situations. Recently, Cullum managed a variety of renovations within the lobby of the Holtzendorff building at Clemson University. Updating the heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system involved installing a York air handler, insulated ductwork and custom air distribution registers, installing chilled water pumps, and modifying chilled water piping.  Clemson’s Holtzendorff Hall was originally built in 1915 to serve as the YMCA for Clemson Military College. Over the years, the building was re-purposed for use as classrooms and offices. In 2017, the renovation of the auditorium within this building won the South Carolina Historic Preservation Award for restoring the area back to a vibrant space.

In the summer of 2018, Cullum was awarded the mechanical bid to upgrade the HVAC/air conditioning system for the lobby renovations in Holtzendorff Hall. Founded in 1972, Cullum has extensive experience working on historical buildings and understands the unique challenges these projects present.

The Holtzendorff project presented many challenges, including obstacles that arise when working in a narrow space not originally designed for modern HVAC cooling systems. One of the main challenges was fitting the air handler in its designated area. To accomplish this, the gutters were temporarily removed to provide an extra space needed for the crane to place the York air handler between two walls.

Cullum would like to thank Clemson University for the opportunity to work on this rewarding project within the historic Holtzendorff Hall. For further information about the scope of this project or the company’s mechanical engineering & construction capabilities, contact Cullum today.