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University of South Carolina –  A frequent reality of the construction industry is that we are given demanding time frames to complete a project while building occupants are not onsite.  Whether it’s a night, weekend, or holiday, Cullum teams are often competing in a race against time that, if successful, goes unnoticed by those who enjoy the fruits of our labor.  Projects at The University of South Carolina, one of the largest property owners in the state, typically fall into that category.  In the spring of 2017, the Columbia CSI branch was awarded a contract to replace a  40-year-old (AHU) air handling unit on the roof of the Wardlaw College of Education.  Work was to take place over holiday break and had to be timed such that heat was restored when students returned.  The new Johnson Controls air handling unit was fully customized and accompanied by a sixteen week lead time.  As the holidays approached and most people gathered with friends and family, the Cullum team grew apprehensive over shipping delays that further compacted the schedule.  To help meet the deadline, a Cullum Constructors crew led by Nick Funk helped set the unit and install new ductwork.  Dallas Rowe’s Cullum Services group and subcontractors carried the torch across the finish line by completing piping, electrical wiring, controls, insulation, and fire system tie-in.

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