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Cullum Installs new PoolPak® Dehumidification System – Cullum Services, Inc. was awarded a bid to provide and install a new dehumidification system by PoolPak International.  Drew Wellness Center is a $7.5 million facility consisting of 40,000 square feet devoted to various fitness and exercise facilities, including a competition size swimming pool.   While the pool itself was drained and reconditioned, your CSI counterparts handled disassembly of the old unit and on-site assembly of the new one.  The new PoolPak system included a new air-cooled condenser outside the building, which had to be re-piped to the new dehumidification unit.  The installation process included cutting through the sidewalk and digging a trench for the new lines, a task that was embraced with great enthusiasm and zeal by the CSI crew.  After a few swings of the sledgehammer and trudges of the shovel, the path was cleared and ready.

The pool was filled with water again, PoolPak returned for the formal startup of the system and another successful job will be concluded.
Columbia team members Eben Thomas, George Jones, David Kirby, Timmy Davis, Chris Furstenberg, Kenneth Frick, and  Kevin Teets handled the work.