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As many of you know, working for the government involves a lot of red tape and the renovation of the Central HQ Building for the 9th Wing of the Air Force is no exception.  This division is responsible for coordination of air operations in Central and Southwest Asia and Cullum Constructors is proud to work with and for those contributing to our national security.  Nick Funk and his team have done a great job earning the confidence and trust of the Air Force and the general contractor.  As is the case on any project, there were obstacles to overcome and finding sufficient manpower was the challenge on this one.  Thanks in part to the $200 hiring incentive, which was implemented in 2015 to reward current employees who recruit new field mechanics, the hurdle was overcome.  Both veterans and newcomers alike are diligently working to upgrade all of the HVAC and plumbing systems in the facility, whose current equipment has long since exceeded its life expectancy.  Since they’re not afraid of extra challenges, Nick and the team of 20+ have also been juggling projects at the University of South Carolina.