Common HVAC Repairs to Treat with Urgency

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Ensuring customers and employees are comfortable while within a facility is of paramount importance for productivity and safety reasons. Tremendous responsibility is placed on the functionality of HVAC systems within commercial spaces, making HVAC repairs an urgent task to manage for building owners and facility managers. The following are some common HVAC repairs most systems will experience at some point:

  • Condenser issues—Leaks, fan problems, and clogged or dirty coils can all be fixed by an experienced HVAC repair contractor. Common signs of a condenser issue include short cycling, excessive fan blade vibration, incorrect fan speed or direction, and deteriorated wiring and connections.
Common HVAC Repairs to Treat with Urgency

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  • Compressor issues—Any oil gathering around solder connections, valves, service ports, or compression fittings may suggest a refrigerant leak. This visual cue should be watched for during regular preventive maintenance appointments.
  • Evaporator issues—The main purpose of the air filter is to protect an heating, ventilation, and air condition (HVAC) system’s evaporator coil. When these filters become dirty or do not fit correctly, air can bypass the filter and allow dirt to accumulate on the evaporator. This results in restricted air flow, the transfer of heat, and reduction in operational efficiency, all of which can lead to premature system failure.
  • Economizer issues—A buildup of dirt on linkage, controls, dampers, or gears can lead to malfunction. The economizer may also malfunction when damage occurs to outside air filters occurs.

HVAC repairs should be fixed quickly and reliably by an experienced contractor. Cullum has the expertise, experience, integrity, and commitment to customer service to manage HVAC repair projects quickly and effectively.