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Performing routine service on your refrigeration equipment ensures that efficiency standards are maintained to use less energy and help lower operation costs down the road.

Commercial refrigeration units require specialized expertise, training, and certification. The technician team at Cullum is experienced in providing refrigeration services for commercial property owners and partners, including hotels, restaurants, warehouses, grocery stores, and environmental chambers. Cullum understands that each customer is unique and has their own set of needs based on their HVAC application that each present their own challenges. However, each customer will benefit from these commercial refrigeration services:

1.     Routine Maintenance– Routine maintenance of commercial refrigeration units is the only way to prevent oversights that turn into larger problems and costly repairs. Without an expert knowing what to look for and where, troubling signs may go unnoticed for quite some time. The technical team at Cullum provides routine inspections for things like faulty gaskets, leaks, auto closers, and motion detectors, in addition to routine servicing and maintenance.

refrigeration services for commercial property owners and partners

2.     Energy Control– It is imperative that refrigeration units are functioning at peak efficiency to avoid wasteful consumption and growing energy costs. Cullum’s team takes the time to educate industrial and commercial clients on the warning signs of systemic energy loss: running anti-sweat heaters around the clock, ensuring light motion sensors are functional, and minimizing clutter around the unit to improve air circulation. Commercial refrigerator compressors should be cleaned every 90 days to run efficiently.

refrigeration services for commercial property owners and partners

Cullum’s technicians are trained to provide refrigeration services (maintenance and repairs) to reach-in coolers/refrigerators and freezers, walk-in coolers, refrigerated prep tables, merchandise display refrigerators, wine and keg coolers, and bar refrigeration. Regardless of the brand or unit, Cullum’s experience working with commercial and industrial clients means professional service and immediate support is dispatched as soon as possible to minimize downtime to help support your business operations.