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Check Out a Recent Spotlight from Be Pro Be Proud “Building Tomorrow’s Workforce”Cullum is a leading mechanical contractor in South Carolina, providing exceptional mechanical engineering and construction and HVAC services to its expansive client base. One of the biggest contributors to Cullum’s success over the years is its exceptional employees who serve customers with excellence and come up with effective solutions to every problem.

Be Pro Be Proud South Carolina (BPBPSC) recently highlighted a few of Cullum’s team members in an article showcasing success in the mechanical trades. BPBPSC is an organization led by the Associated Industries of South Carolina Foundation (AISCF) and is committed to bringing a new generation of progress to the skilled workforce in South Carolina.

The first Cullum team member highlighted in this article is Johnny Lucas, a Safety Supervisor. Johnny’s main role is to ensure everyone who works on a project goes home safely every night. After his time in the Navy, his role at Cullum has allowed him to discover his love of training and helping others stay safe on the job.

The next team member featured in the article is Jared Rosenbeg, a welding apprentice. At just 18 years old, Jared’s apprenticeship will take him through a 4,000-hour, two-year program, in addition to another 4,000-hour program with Cullum. Jared is excited about the money he is making, the skills he is learning, and the team that is working with him to help him work his way up in the company.

The final team member featured in this article is Earl Johnson, a Service Manager who oversees the preventive HVAC, electrical, and plumbing program for contracted clients at Cullum. After signing up for an HVAC course on a whim right out of high school, Earl has now worked at Cullum since 2018.

Cullum has a longstanding culture of family and service, and the company takes great pride in its excellent team members. While striving to provide excellent mechanical services to its clients, the company also focuses on providing a solid work-life balance for its employees that helps them succeed in the trades.

To learn more about BPBPSC and the original story, please visit the BPBPSC website.