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What better way to spend a summer than on the 4+ acre roof of the largest high school in the Charleston area. The scope of work was to remove 25 large rooftop units, retrofit curb adapters, and place new HVAC units back in service as soon as possible to keep the space and tenants cool during the hottest month of the year. William Fillingame’s team, including Brenda Bowman, David Bowman, Stephen Legare, Ernest Hilton, Reese Mitchell, and Wendell Cannon, arrived Monday morning along with teams from Limehouse and Sons, Inc. and Transworld, Inc. Electrical Contractors with grand hopes that the crane would reach, the curbs would fit, the good weather would hold, and the Gatorade wouldn’t run out. This was indeed a challenging feat considering all of the variables, and it needed to be done by the end of the week or Dale Prosser would owe someone a steak dinner. By Monday afternoon the plan was coming together and 4 units were replaced. Doesn’t sound too promising for Dale’s wallet, as there were 21 to go with only four days left. On Tuesday, everyone arrived with a revived sense of urgency and a fresh cooler of Gatorade. This was indeed a team effort and by the end of the day 4 more units were replaced. Wednesday and Thursday went equally well, 6 units each day. On Friday morning there were 5 units to go; the team rallied with the intent of finishing the install and daydreams of the weekend. William and his team really came together and by Friday afternoon there was reason to celebrate. The replacement of 25 RTUs was a stellar success for Cullum Constructors, Inc., the subcontractors, and the School District. With quality, respect, innovation, and integrity, the CCI team represented the core values of the company to the highest level. Key contributors to the success of the project were certainly the sense of teamwork, exceptional knowledge, good communication, and cold Gatorade. WELL DONE !