All around the state Cullum team members came together to celebrate the holiday season and another successful year.  In Charleston there was no shortage of laughs, between Shawn O’Brien’s prize-winning Christmas sweater and Harry Horne winning the car care kit in the raffle, the day was full of comic relief.  Dallas Rowe and Kevin Teets cooked a low country boil onsite in Columbia.  The Greenville team enjoyed some time away from the shop at Arizona Steakhouse.  Whether you had low country boil in Columbia, a traditional Christmas dinner in    Charleston or enjoyed a steak in Greenville, the words of Chris Cullum apply to each of you.  Chris said “…you guys make me very proud to represent the projects and services that you make possible…they are not just buildings; they provide education, health care, research, financial and military security, and transportation.  That is what you guys do!”  Cullum wishes each of you a safe and happy holiday season and looks forward to a bright 2017.  Thank you for everything you do to make this company a success!   December 2016