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Since 1972, Cullum has been one of the top names in construction and HVAC service in South Carolina. The company has set the standard in its industry and experienced ongoing success by adhering to four core values:

  • Quality—Cullum delivers quality results for clients and suppliers through teamwork and collaboration. All relevant parties are encouraged to get involved during the planning and execution of the project.

A Closer Look at Cullum’s Core Values

  • Respect—Cullum recognizes the value of the opinions every participant brings to a new project. The company places a strong emphasis on building relationships on the foundation of respect.
  • Innovation—Cullum translates its ideas and experience into action, complementing efforts with ongoing training and development. Cullum’s priority is always on adding value to the organizations it serves.
  • Integrity—Cullum prioritizes conducting business with sound moral principles. Cullum prides itself on conducting projects with reliability and fairness at all levels.