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HVAC installation is a major project and a large investment in your building. Proper preparation is key to ensuring you equip your building with an efficient system that functions effectively well into the future. Properly prepare for an impending HVAC installation by making sure you know certain details about the project before the work begins.

  1. The Performance of Your Current HVAC Setup

Is your current HVAC system an adequate size for your building? In the past, has it effectively cooled and heated your workspace? Do your air vents and ducts adequately transfer heated and cooled air through your building? Taking a closer look at your current HVAC setup’s limitations can help you and your contractor plan for the implementation of a new unit.

  1. Details About Your New Warranty

Ask questions about the warranty you will receive on your new equipment and on the install. Get as much information as you can about what is and what is not covered and for how long, what your contractor will do to stand behind the install, and if there is an extended warranty option, etc.

  1. Information About Your New Maintenance Agreement

Maintenance is the most important, but often overlooked, part of protecting your new HVAC setup’s longevity, efficiency, and functionality. Ask your contractor if the install also includes a maintenance plan. If not, inquire about enrolling in a plan to maintain greater comfort and control, as well as optimal energy efficiency.

  1. The Anticipated Timeline of the Install

The commercial contractor you choose for your HVAC installation project should be open about timelines and deliver on these promises. Finalize these details before you sign a contract and officially move forward with the project.

  1. The Reputation of Your Contractor

The reputation of your HVAC installation contractor matters. As a full-service mechanical maintenance and construction company, Cullum can equip facilities of all types and sizes with reliable HVAC systems to maintain proper working conditions for anyone who visits or works at the site. For an estimate on a proposed HVAC installation, HVAC service or HVAC repair contact Cullum today.