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Although there are tell-tale signs that an industry professional would notice immediately, most HVAC issues seem inconsequential – until they become costly problems that can disrupt business operations. Many HVAC issues and malfunctions go unnoticed by the untrained eye. It is easy to ignore a rusty chilled and hot water line on a fan coil unit. Many would think that rust is a normal sign of wear and tear. How about the water sitting in the condensate pan– is it a common occurrence? These are all indications that there could be a more serious problem that lies ahead like the risk of a chilled water line erupting or a clogged condensate line that can cause the drain pan to overflow.

specialized technician team dedicated to HVAC services

With a specialized technician team dedicated to HVAC services, Cullum provides routine maintenance, repairs, retrofits, replacements, and emergency support when businesses need it most.

Here are 3 signs your facility needs immediate HVAC services:
With a specialized technician team dedicated to HVAC services
1.   Strange Sounds– If your unit is emitting high-pitched whistling, it could be a sign of clogged filters. Changing filters may solve this issue. A rattling noise can be a sign of loose or broken hardware. This is cause for concern, and we recommend calling a technician as soon as possible to minimize possible additional damage to the unit.

2.   Poor Airflow– A sign of a broken belt or dirty coils or air filters, poor airflow from your unit is cause for concern. It can make your unit work harder to cool your space. The unit will be less efficient, consume more energy, and not last as long. If you notice a disconnect between the temperature on the thermostat and the air in the room, it’s a sign that something isn’t working right in your HVAC system. We use the industry standard ASHRAE guidelines and recommend cleaning coils at least once a year.

3.   Escalating Costs – If your facility’s energy bills are on the rise and repair costs are adding up, it’s time to consider a retrofit to the current system or replacing it. Most commercial HVAC systems have a lifespan of approximately 15 years. Industry studies show that good maintenance can cut HVAC energy costs while also extending equipment life, improving occupant comfort, and increasing uptime.

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