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A leader in mechanical engineering and construction, Cullum has built a reputation for exceptional project management with quality assurance for every project, regardless of size or scope. The success of the project management team has earned them a reputation of innovation and integrity in the commercial and industrial market.

Cullum’s standards are based on their rigorous methodology, founded on 3 essential project management principles that drive operations:

1. Thorough Discovery– Each project begins with a thorough discovery process to focus on the client’s project goals and plans. Effective conception produces a high level of granularity in the project goals and expected outcomes to identify roadblocks and plan for contingencies. Cullum’s project management team is able to develop a detailed plan for execution.

2. Resourcefulness– With almost 50 years of experience in mechanical construction in South Carolina, Cullum has identified efficiencies with a network of vetted industry experts and resources to serve their clientele. Their project management team leverages these resources to provide an exceptional standard of support and expertise across a wide range of specialized construction projects for their industrial and commercial partners.

3. Communication– Expectation setting while maintaining project autonomy is one area in which Cullum excels. Clients can expect a high standard of communication and transparency when it comes to project objectives and progress updates. It is this standard of professionalism that builds trust between the client and the project management team to create a mutually beneficial environment for collaboration.

Mechanical construction requires a high standard of diligence and expertise to effectively manage projects and keep moving them forward. Cullum’s exemplary project management team establishes confidence and trust in delivering superior functioning systems in your facility.