Santee Cooper Cross - WWTF

Posted by Dwayne July 24th, 2020

Santee Cooper Cross – WWTF

Pineville, SC
Approx. Contract: $1,086,500
Market: Utility/Industrial

The cross building is a wastewater treatment building that consists of an electrical room, control room, wet lab, dry lab, break room, offices, women’s restroom and men’s restroom.
Scope of work: Installation of new heating, ventilation, and air condition (HVAC) equipment 

Labor hours: 2,206

26 electric Greenheck wash-down heaters
2 electric Greenheck duct heaters
9 louvers
13 Greenheck exhaust fans
4 Greenheck gravity ventilators
4 Variable Air Volume Boxes (VAVs)
7 Johnson Controls air handling units (AHUs)

Johnson Controls – Automatic Temperature Controls
Easy Way Insulation Co., Inc. – HVAC Insulation
Addison Energy Technologies, LLC – Testing & Balancing