Ready to handle the operations of any building, Cullum designs and installs ventilation systems purpose-built for any venture.

Proper ventilation systems allow for optimum efficiency, cleaner air, and greater comfort within a building. Comparatively, ventilation systems that lack intuitive design, start and stop at odd endpoints, or do not have the ability to promote the efficient flow of air result in poor indoor air quality and diminished HVAC efficiency.


Cullum’s professionals understand the critical building codes all ventilation systems must adhere to and are prepared to ensure systems are up to code and ready to handle the specific operations of any building. Primary ventilation offerings cover industrial ventilation, supply and exhaust fans, kitchen hoods, and fume exhaust hoods.

With an extensive knowledge of design and installation of ventilation systems, Cullum tailors air cleaning systems for each client’s unique application, from fume removal and dust capture to smoke evacuation. Cullum’s strong ability to source equipment and extensive knowledge of designing and installing ventilation systems allow for final arrangements that range from standard to purpose-built and complex.

Focused on client satisfaction and quality workmanship, Cullum’s solutions stand above the rest and promote enhanced building and HVAC system longevity and efficiency.