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Process Piping

Design and build a successful process piping system with Cullum’s expertise.

A top design-build company within the commercial and industrial construction industry, Cullum can design and install any process piping project of nearly any size and scope. Projects are overseen from the ground up by Cullum’s highly skilled design and development team, which possesses both the experience and technical expertise required to design projects according to client specifications while simultaneously suggesting solutions for optimizing cost savings and time.

Process Piping

Process piping systems designed, fabricated, and installed by Cullum include solutions for compressed air, combustible gases, corrosive liquids, fuels and oil, and other process fluids requiring special materials. During the design phase, Cullum can supply drawings at any point of detail, from individual components to the entire facility. Other drawings that can be supplied by Cullum include process flow diagrams, process and instrumentation diagrams, block diagrams, process data sheets, mechanical flow diagrams, installation drawings, and more.

From highly detailed custom builds to route layouts and designs, Cullum’s process piping systems boast a superior level of efficiency, functionality, and reliability.