Reliable, efficient heating systems backed by unmatched quality during design and implementation.

Since 1972, Cullum has fostered the teamwork between contractors, design professionals, and owners to ensure complete results for the heating systems they install in buildings varying in size, scope, and requirements. Cullum provides upfront design capabilities, which enables reduced costs, faster delivery, and higher quality for every heating project. With practical approaches to the design, build, and installation of every system, Cullum reduces the total cost of any project without surrendering quality.


Heating capabilities include boiler installation, heating hot water piping, hydronic pumps, steam piping, and hot water piping. The first step involves submitting budget pricing and conducting an energy analysis to compare various types of systems to accomplish the same purpose: provide the building with consistent, reliable heat during colder weather. This approach provides clients with adequate detail to make an informed decision while allowing Cullum’s seasoned professionals to take into account all client requirements.

Cullum also places specialized emphasis on drafts, operating noise, optimum space utilization, and construction obstacles during design and implementation. Following the installation, clients are provided with:

  • As-built drawings and sketches for future reference
  • A warranty review of all equipment
  • Recommendations for ongoing system maintenance

As a full-service mechanical contractor, Cullum’s expertise ensures that key aspects of every heating project evolve precisely and according to pre-set budgets, timelines, and expectations.