Air Conditioning

Cullum professionals design and install air conditioning systems that are easy to operate and maintain.

Cullum’s environmental focus is on increasing the energy efficiency of new air conditioning systems so they continue to operate reliably with a low carbon footprint. Cooling systems designed and installed by Cullum’s vast network of professionals and excellent project managers include chilled water piping, chiller installation, air handling units, cooling towers, and hydronic pumps.

Air Conditioning

Cullum understands that proper air conditioning installation, and from that point forward, maintenance, can manage costs and maintain high energy-efficiency standards. Providing a full suite of services for optimal performance, all systems, whether a singular unit or a complex system of air handling units and cooling towers, come equipped with state-of-the-art features and technology designed to achieve maximum efficiency and promote reliable performance.

Starting with basic design parameters or a generalized guideline of building specifications, Cullum’s engineers and designers work collaboratively to draft a detailed set of HVAC plans and ready them for approval by the building authority or owner. From there, all involved follow a standard set of industry-approved procedures while putting in extra effort at every stage to assure complete client satisfaction.

Cullum designs and builds air conditioning and cooling systems that are not only efficient to operate and maintain, but also catered to the varying requirements of any building.

Cullum provides air conditioning services throughout South Carolina, including Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, North Charleston, Lexington, and Simpsonville.