Heating, Columbia, SC

Maintain efficient, reliable heating operations with Cullum’s help.

Cullum has inspired teamwork between building owners, contractors, and design professionals since 1972. This approach has resulted in complete results for heating systems installed in buildings ranging in size, scope, and generalized requirements. Providing upfront design capabilities, Cullum provides faster delivery, reduced costs, and higher quality for every heating project. Along with these design capabilities, Cullum boasts a practical approach to designing, building, and installing every new heating system, reducing total cost without sacrificing any level of quality.

Heating in Columbia, South Carolina

The heating capabilities of Cullum’s team in Columbia, South Carolina extend to heating hot water piping, boiler installation, steam piping, hydronic pumps, and hot water piping. Every project begins with the submittal of budget pricing along with an energy analysis. This analysis compares the different types of systems to accomplish the purpose of providing the building with reliable, consistent heat during periods of colder weather. The primary advantage of this approach is that all clients receive adequate detail about the project to make an informed, confident decision while allowing Cullum’s experienced professionals to effectively manage all client requirements.

Specialized emphasis is also placed on reducing operating noise and drafts while optimally using available space and accounting for construction obstacles. After every installation, clients receive a warranty review of all equipment, as-built drawings for future reference, and comprehensive recommendations for maintaining the system.

As a full-service mechanical contractor, Cullum’s expertise ensures every heating project evolves according to client expectations for timelines, budgets, and performance. Contact Cullum today to discuss further specifics for a heating project.