Air Conditioning, Columbia, SC

Cullum’s team installs and deploys efficient, easy-to-use air conditioning systems.

Air conditioning systems that operate reliably, efficiently, and with a low carbon footprint are what every facility owner and manager in the Columbia, South Carolina area wants. Cullum’s signature environmental focus makes this a reality for the businesses served by the company with expertly designed and installed air conditioning systems. Cullum sets itself apart from other contractors with a vast network of excellent project managers and impressive capabilities, which extend to chiller installation, chilled water piping, cooling towers, hydronic pumps, and air handling units.

Air Conditioning in Columbia, South Carolina

Cullum understands that the combination of proper air conditioning installation and regular maintenance can help building and facility owners manage costs and benefit from high levels of energy efficiency. To meet these goals, Cullum provides a full lineup of services that enhance optimal performance for all types of systems ranging from singular units to multi-unit setups. Cullum can also recommend and deploy systems with state-of-the-art features to promote reliable performance and maximum energy efficiency.

Cullum’s designers and engineers work collaboratively from the outset of every project, working from basic design parameters or generalized building specifications. Together, Cullum’s designers and engineers put together detailed heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) plans and allow the building authority or owner to approve them once done. This team of professionals then follows industry-standard procedures for installation and implementation, putting in extra effort at every stage to guarantee client satisfaction.

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