Cullum makes safety an ongoing priority.

Safety in Charleston, South CarolinaPreventing accidents and continually improving safety protocols are top priorities for Cullum. Partner with Cullum for a project, and Cullum will designate specific safety staff to ensure the worksite remains safe and secure for improved productivity and worker health. The safety professionals on Cullum’s team receive regular trainings regarding safety practices and techniques, and these professionals constantly look for opportunities to apply them while on different worksites.

Beyond using dedicated safety staff, Cullum regularly distributes tool box talks to its workers about the importance of certain safety practices. These professionals also take on the responsibility of implementing safe practices, materials, and equipment while making sure all working conditions are under supervisory control at all times.

On a routine basis, Cullum conducts job safety analyses to determine if there is a need to update safe operation procedures, conducts inspections to identify any potential hazards, and institutes corrective measures where needed.

Cullum partners with safety professionals used by the client to work collaboratively and achieve a higher level of safety, ensuring timely project outcomes.

For Cullum, safety is and always will be important, especially while overseeing construction and building activities throughout the Charleston, South Carolina area. Find out more about the different precautionary measures Cullum takes to maintain workplace and employee safety by contacting Cullum today.

Cullum proudly serves safety to clients throughout South Carolina, including Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, North Charleston, Lexington, and Simpsonville.