Design Assist, Charleston, SC

Deliver a new perspective to an upcoming job.

For complex building projects in Charleston, South Carolina, Cullum delivers design assist services to lend a new perspective to engineering and construction work. Design work is all about looking for possibilities, and Cullum’s engineers and construction professionals work collaboratively with designers to seamlessly plan projects with realistic outcomes.

Design Assist in Charleston, South Carolina

When a building project progresses from design to engineering and finally to construction, inherent inefficiencies and hurdles must be overcome. Change orders can add cost to the project’s total and create expensive delays. Ownership for these issues can become ambiguous and details can be overlooked, even with the best intentions. With design assist professionals, these issues can be circumvented since all professionals working on the project have the same goal: to create a building that is functional, efficient, and successful.

Cullum’s design assist method allows one or more subcontractors to be retained before completing the design to help the construction manager, engineer, and architect develop design and construction plans. Although not always an obvious solution, bringing together these experts early on is an untraditional method that yields exceptional benefits. These include improved collaboration, minimized delays and issues, and transparency about what is to come throughout the entire project.

Nearly any construction project of any type and size can benefit from the design assist approach. Leverage Cullum’s expertise on an existing project through design assist by partnering with the company’s professionals. Contact Cullum directly to find out more about this innovative process.

Cullum provides design assist services throughout South Carolina, including Charleston, Columbia, Greenville, North Charleston, Lexington, and Simpsonville.