Process Piping, Charleston, SC

The design and development of a successful process piping system starts with Cullum.

Within the industrial and commercial construction industry, Cullum remains as a top design-build operation in the Charleston, South Carolina area. One of Cullum’s specialties involves designing and installing process piping projects of nearly any scope and size. Cullum’s excellent management and installation team oversees all process piping projects from concept to completion, lending a level of experience and technical expertise, all while exceeding client expectations.

Process Piping in Charleston, South Carolina

Cullum designs, fabricates, and installs process piping systems for combustible gases, compressed air, corrosive liquids, fuels and oil, and many other process fluids that require special materials. During design, Cullum will provide drawings at any point of the process piping system, from the entire facility to singular components. Flow diagrams, block diagrams, process and instrumentation diagrams, mechanical flow diagrams, and installation drawings are among the other informative images Cullum’s team of designers can provide for review and planning.

Process piping systems do not fall under the same plumbing codes and regulations as standard plumbing. Cullum’s engineers fully understand and comply with the different codes for process piping, and ensure the design and materials used for the pipes do not negatively impact the end-product during manufacturing.

Achieve a high level of reliability, efficiency, and functionality with Cullum’s expertly designed and installed process piping systems. For additional information about what the process piping work entails, reach out to Cullum’s team of experts today.