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HVAC Apprenticeship

An industrial/commercial HVAC mechanic assembles, installs, services, and repairs air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating units used in commercial and industrial buildings.

HVAC Installer/Service Technician Apprenticeship

During an apprenticeship, you shall receive work experience and job-related education in all phases of the occupation necessary to develop the skill and proficiency of a skilled professional. We rotate you throughout the various work processes to ensure you are a well-rounded professional upon completion of the apprenticeship.


All apprenticeships include three main parts: job-related-education, on-the-job training, and a scalable wage progression.

The apprenticeship requires you to complete 6,000 hours of on-the-job training. A year consists of 2,000 hours, so you will complete the required hours at the conclusion of the three-year program. During the term of your apprenticeship, you are required to complete the HVAC certificate program at a local technical school.


  • Safely drive a motor vehicle
  • Work within precise limits or standards of accuracy
  • Look at flat drawings or pictures and visualize how they would look as solid objects with height, width, and depth
  • Perform a variety of duties, which may change often
  • Rate information using measurable standards
  • Must be able to reach for, handle, and feel objects
  • Lift objects weighing up to 75 pounds, with frequent lifting and carrying of objects weighing up to 50 pounds
  • See well (either naturally or with correction) and distinguish colors
  • Climb and maintain balance on high ladders and scaffolds
  • Stand, stoop, kneel, or crouch
  • Completion of apprenticeship program required; may be required to be licensed


  • Studies building plans and working drawings to determine work aids required and sequence of installations.
  • May measure windows or other existing openings, or cut through walls, using a mallet, cold chisel, or other tools to install new units.
  • Diagnoses causes of equipment breakdowns, tests parts with appropriate instruments, disassembles and assembles parts, and makes necessary repairs.
  • May drill holes to mount units and lift parts into position.
  • Locates and marks position of pipe and/or duct connections and passage holes for same in walls and floors, using ruler, spirit level, and laser.
  • Cuts openings in walls and floors to accommodate pipe and/or duct fittings, using hand tools and power tools.
  • Cuts and threads pipe, using pipe cutters, cutting torch, and pipe-threading machine.
  • Connects motors to control panels and balances motors to ensure efficient operation.
  • Connects control panels to power source.
  • May weld holding fixtures to steel structural members.
  • May install and maintain solar heating and cooling units

HVAC Installer/Service Technician

HVAC Preventive Maintenance